Technology and Legal Protections

Technology and Legal Protections

Jacob’s my name and Chrome’s the game! Okay cheesy entrance aside I really am looking at Google Chrome and its legal protections. Let me tell you, regarding protections, Google has everything in lockdown when it comes to their brand features.

Google utilises various trademark, copyright and other intellectual property laws to protect all their brand features. (Google Incorporated, n.d.) In certain circumstances their brand features may be used without asking for consent as long as you are adhering to the permissions laid down by Google. It is probably a good idea to ask them if you can use their brand features in any case as the permissions are not written in plain English for the ordinary user. In any event you will have to seek their permission regarding using features of Google commercially, that is unavoidable.

Some of the more common permissions that Google allow have been put down in more detail on their website. Some of these common permissions are usually about using the: (Google Incorporated, n.d.)
• Logo
• Product Graphics
• Google Maps/Google Satellite Images
• Links to Google
• Google in Films/TV

Google Chrome has an extensive “Google Chrome Terms of Service” contract that encompasses open source software licenses and end user license agreements. As far as I can see they don’t specifically use these laws over their own products except in regards to open source software licenses but they do mention it when it comes to Adobe. (Google Incorporated, 2010) I haven’t been able to make heads or tails of what it says yet as the language is just tough reading, but I’ll try and find out what it all means, Basil.

As well as Chrome not being an open source software it also does not have creative commons protection, this is because Chrome is heavily guarded by copyright, intellectual property and permissions laws.

Well that’s all for this week’s blog posts, bye for now!

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