Open or Closed?

Open or Closed?

Google Chrome. Is it an open or closed technology? I believe it walks a line between these two extremes and takes in the best of both worlds. In terms of media convergence it achieves this through its diverse range of apps and extensions. But what do we mean when we talk about media convergence?

Media convergence is a technological shift. It is a technology or industry/company with the capacity to branch out and connect multiple technologies and channels. (Jenkins, 2004) Media convergence is an evolving technological phenomenon that allows technologies to evolve and connect across multiple platforms and channels. (Jenkins, 2004) Google Chrome is a technology that has the capacity to branch out and connect technologies and channels because it is a platform designed for this purpose. Google Chrome is a web browser that has features which allow it to transition from a simple web browser to fully customizable software which can help you connect and access your interests, it does this mostly through apps and extensions.

When you first install the Chrome browser software a bookmark labelled “Apps” should already be there. By clicking on this you can access a page where you can store apps after you have downloaded them. Your first app should be the Google Chrome Store app which is where you can download free apps, there are hosted apps such as TweetDeck which rely on a connection to the internet and packaged apps such as Google Keep which do not necessarily require a connection to the internet and run direct from your computer. (Cervantes, 2014) Extensions can add buttons that can help you access online services faster such as the Gmail Checker extension. (Cervantes, 2014)

Some extensions are used by journalists like freelance writer Andrew Hutchinson who uses extensions such as Pin It, Hootlet and Klout among others. (Hutchinson, 2014) Google Chrome is relevant to media convergence because it allows users to access many different technologies, social media being one while others include games, video editing software and much more.

That’s all for this week.


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