He was good then, will he be again?

Ed Sheeran (news.com.au)
Ed Sheeran (news.com.au)

The last concert I attended was back in 2013. My second cousin really wanted to go but needed a chaperone. As a result, I ended up being dragged along to a concert I wasn’t sure I’d even enjoy. We rocked up to Win Stadium and were immediately assaulted by the screams of teenage girls and young woman pushing and shoving in long lines to get inside the venue. Their male counterparts stood stoically or in groups chattering excitedly.

We finally got inside and bought some promotional items before entering the arena. The air was charged with tension and anticipation as we climbed the stairs right up to the back where our nosebleed seats awaited. Settling in for the show, the joint soon filled with the masses, all waiting to see the award winning singer.

The lights dimmed, and red-headed British artist Ed Sheeran stepped onto the stage with an acoustic guitar. He warmly welcomed the audience and thanked us all for being there before launching into his first few songs which included A Team and Lego House.

Gabrielle Aplin (official website)
Gabrielle Aplin (official website)

Sheeran stopped for his applause and asked if we were all having a blast, we screamed affirmation. Delighted with our response, he presented us with a dark eyed beauty, Gabrielle Aplin took the stage. This English rose kindly introduced herself and began to extract melancholic notes from a piano while adding another layer of depth with her hauntingly beautiful and smooth voice. Aplin mesmerised us with her songs Salvation, Power of Love, and Panic Cord. After singing her own songs, Aplin performed Kiss Me as a duet with Sheeran before exiting stage right.

Michael Rosenberg/Passenger (Fox)
Michael Rosenberg/Passenger (Fox)

The next to take the stage was Sheeran’s mate, Michael Rosenberg – better known by his stage name Passenger. I’m sure Passenger performed some of his own music with his interesting vocals, but I didn’t really catch any of the song titles. The only song I clearly remember was Passengers I Hate which he performed as a duet with Sheeran, and I remember because the pair had the audience, and me, completely in stiches as they sung about things they hate from “pointless status updates on Facebook” and Hollywood stars using Botox because it “makes them look fucked,” there definitive example being Cher’s face which they sung “looks like it’s been hit by a truck.”

Ed Sheeran (The Quietus)
Ed Sheeran (The Quietus)

Passenger left and only Sheeran remained. Waves of purple light filled the arena as a loop pedal was brought onto the stage. Sheeran began to layer sounds and rhythms created by tapping on his guitar, strumming cords, and using his voice. From the euphony of sound emerged the song Give Me Love, which became an intense performance filled with emotionally charged phrases.

Overall Ed Sheeran was a model performer who respected not only the artists supporting him, but also the audience. Musically he played songs that differed from each other creating an interesting and never for one moment boring experience. This brilliant young artist was amazing then, I wonder if he will present an even better performance in the later months of this year.


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