Our Reality and Cyberspace, no Longer Parallel but Tangled

The information in the sound cloud was sourced from the references below.


Barlow, J.P., A Declaration of the Independence of Cyberspace, Projects, viewed 17 August 2015, https://projects.eff.org/~barlow/Declaration-Final.html

Castells, M, ‘Afterword: Why Networks Matter,’ Network Logic, vol. 17, pp. 221-225.

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Music: Feel Real by Robodub


4 thoughts on “Our Reality and Cyberspace, no Longer Parallel but Tangled

  1. Really great soundcloud link! I liked how you talked about what cyberspace and cyberpunk culture, it gave me a good background on the information and you spoke clearly and thoroughly. The parts in which i think the post could be improved would be the music might be a touch too loud over your voice and could take away from the information at times. Also the lack of writing that is on the actual post which might help support the podcast. A great listen otherwise!

    1. Thank you for the tips James!
      In retrospect the music is a bit loud but it’s always good to have it pointed out.
      I didn’t write too much in the blog because I was struggling to wrap my head around the concepts and how to expand on them, but next time I’ll try to put a bit more into it.
      But thank you for the constructive criticism. It was greatly appreciated.

  2. This is a really good Soundcloud piece you have conducted. I like the background music along with the tone of your voice is good. It kinda makes the idea come to life more about Cyberspace, Cyberpunk and technology. I really enjoyed how clearly you spoke and talked about all areas within last weeks work as you went into first define what Cyberspace is and than into how it effects us now. Good work!

  3. I think you really touched on the link between the physical and digital, how cyberspace is a not a place for bodies, where minds roam. Just the fact that I am listening to a person talk without physically seeing you is just something that my grandparents can’t comprehend. I think that with the invention of devices such as the Oculus rift we will be able to be closer to physically being present, this will bring the physical into the virtual.

    I read this article a few weeks ago, it predicts and discusses the future of virtual reality by presenting the technologies available now and looks to the future.


    Where will we be in the future, not only is virtual reality interesting to me but Artificial intelligence is even more so. Just hope it doesn’t end like Irobot.

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